Kaleigh Davis

PhD Student
O’Connor Lab
University of British Columbia


Email: kdavis(at)zoology.ubc.ca

twitter: @kaleighedavis



Research Interests

Temperature effects on biological nitrogen fixation

I use ecological theory in combination with lab and field experiments to understand how temperature affects nutrient availability, and downstream consequences for aquatic community structure and function. Specifically, I consider biological nitrogen fixation as a mechanism for temperature sensitive nitrogen supply to photosynthesis.





I am an ecologist interested in the application of fundamental community and ecosystem ecology to conservation issues. I am also a leader and co-founder of the Conservation Discussion Group. Click here to see my CV.

Eelgrass ecosystem health in James Bay

I use field surveys and experiments to study drivers of eelgrass ecosystem degradation over the past four decades in James Bay, Quebec. I work on a collaborative team with scientists from all over Canada and local Cree experts to understand the current abundance and distribution as well as the capacity for eelgrass recovery in the Bay.